Groundhog Day at Home Edition

I hear the clock, it's 6am, I feel so far away from where I've been... I hear the clock, it's 6am, I feel so far away from where I've been...I hear the clock, it's 6am...

At this point, I am sure you have used the term or heard someone use the term "groundhog day" in reference to how our lives feel like the Bill Murray movie of the 90s, but perhaps it is more than that. For those of us still working from home, virtually schooling kids, keeping a routine, and trying to find balance some days can be quite overwhelmingly the same. 

I can remember when the pandemic started and how nice I would say it is to spend time with my kiddo having that time I would never have as a single, full-time professional and planning my day. Prior to working from home, I felt like it was a rush from one thing to the next. Now it is this endless cycle of doing the same thing every day. No separation of home, work, or school. Not to say this is necessarily a bad thing, but it requires a skillset that, I myself, have never had to employ...balance in the "new normal." 

So what can we do as things may never go back to exactly how they least not in the nearest of futures? There are some daily routines that I think will ground me and carry forward well beyond the pandemic. First, finding time for me in the chaos...sipping my morning coffee before I open my laptop, having afternoon tea with my daughter for now and continuing afternoon tea even when I return to the office, walking the dog daily...nothing big and grand but things I have come to enjoy. 

Lastly, I am a big advocate of counseling and if ever there is a time during all of the chaos that you find yourself in need of talking to someone, it has always helped me to return there. If you practice a faith tradition or meditate, that is also a great way to cope with the unknown. There are also some great apps and resources that are free online

One thing I have come to depend on is that no matter what a great planner you are, life is unexpected and often different than what we plan for. I hope you know that as your AHEPPP family, I am always here and I have been fortunate to find the same is true of those I know as well. Take care and breathe...we will get through this together!

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Chelsea Petree - Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I'm always trying to find new things to look forward to in the monotony. I hadn't really thought of it like Groundhog Day, but it totally is! We should learn from Mr. Murray and the way he used his extended time to better himself :-)

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