Enroll in the AHEPPP Mentor Program

Since 2016, AHEPPP’s Mentor Program has connected new and seasoned professionals to promote an environment of guidance, support, and resource sharing among our members. As we approach the five-year mark of this resource, the Board of Directors has reviewed and improved this already successful program. The 2023 Mentor Cohort has been selected and we are now ready to welcome and match our newest group of Mentees.

What is an AHEPPP Mentee?

A mentee is an AHEPPP member has a desire to broaden their professional development in their field of parent and family programming. Mentees also have a willingness to be advised, trained, and counseled by a mentor. Mentees can be new or veteran members of the Association. Mentees can be either brand new to higher education or mid to senior-level professionals with vast experience and 3 or less years of working with parent/families.

What’s new for participants? 

  • Enhanced professional development opportunities and resources

  • Wider window for members to opt-in

  • Increased opportunities for Mentor/Mentee connection

  • Elevated resources and support for Mentees through the Mentor Cohort 

  • Updated monthly discussion prompts that include a topic related to a timely topic, a topic related to professional development, and a personal ice breaker/get-to-know-you prompt


Participation in the AHEPPP Mentor Program is a one-year commitment.  We understand that some pairings will connect quickly and that some pairings will take time to build the relationship. Take advantage of this opportunity in the manner that best meets your needs; communicate those needs with your mentor early so you can work together to meet each other’s goals.

In this voluntary program, participants will be provided monthly discussion themes to use as a starting point for your conversations. Mentor/Mentee pairs are also encouraged to discover other topics of interest or research. 

As a mentee, you are encouraged to...

  • Be open to learning and exploring new ideas

  • Take initiative to develop a professional relationship with your mentor

  • Ask questions, engage and take ownership of your professional development 

There are many factors that are considered when matching Mentor/Mentee Pairs; however, individual interests, experience, and location take precedence in the pairing.  

Recruitment for Mentors and Mentees occurs in the fall for the upcoming year. However, new members are welcomed as into the community on a rolling (quarterly basis).

Use these links to apply:

2023 Mentor Cohort - closed

2023 Mentee

If you have questions about the program, please send them to [email protected].