2016 AHEPPP Educational Programs 

Building Our Capacity for Work with Historically Oppressed Populations - Preconference 
Dr. Jamie Washington, The Washington Consulting Group

What We Learned While Engaging Parents and Families*
With the combined experience of 30+ years as parent and family programs professionals, the presenters will share their knowledge on what works well when engaging families of college students and invite the audience to share their own lessons learned. We will discuss effective practices in communication, including crisis communication; engaging parents on campus, such as volunteers or members of parent councils; serving special populations, such as families of students with disabilities and first generation families; partnering across divisions for maximizing event planning, including family weekend and family orientation; and career education. 
Branka Kristic, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Hofstra University
Donna Krivoski, Director of Parent Relations, Lafayette College

Career Center and Parent Engagement - A Perfect Partnership
Learn about how the Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University proactively engages with parents and families. Brandeis offers programming for parents who wish to support their own student's career development as well as opportunities for parents to serve as volunteers on behalf of the Hiatt Career Center.
Dvora Pemstein, Parent Engagement Coordinator, Brandeis University

P&F 1000 - A University Introductory Course for Parents and Families
Thinking about a cost-effective way to provide a "class" experience for parent and family members?  This fall we launched "P&F 1000 - A University Introductory Course for Parents and Families".  Come learn about this program and how it could be implemented on your campus.
Jamie S. Patton, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of Students, Ohio University
Jade Hunt, Graduate Assistant for Parent and Family Programs, Ohio University

Whose Job is it Anyway: Engaging the Disengaged
Whether Parent and Family programs are in your office title or not, we are collectively responsible for ensuring that this population is successfully transitioned to our institutions. Staff from the New Student Orientation program at UGA will share how they use innovative practices to engage and involve Family members in the transition with the help of several campus partners, including a fundraising focused Parent and Family Association. This is done throughout the admission process as well as pre-, during, and post- orientation.
Alton M. Standifer, Director of New Student Orientation, University of Georgia
Meridith A. Balas, Assistant Director of Orientation, University of Georgia

Parent Power: What Freshmen Need Colleges To Hear*
Do you know what your freshman students would say about their parents' involvement? Research has shown parental involvement can be a factor in the retention and transition of freshmen. This session will discuss the findings of a recent study conducted at a midsize, public university that asked for freshmen students' perspective on their parents' support compared to parental education and income levels. Discover how the findings can shape implications for practice related to your support of parents.
Dr. Tammy Bryant, Director of Student Affairs Programs and Assessment, Austin Peay State University

Elevating Family Engagement with Webinars
Once a student is accepted to Columbia, communication with families is significantly less frequent than during the application process. Much of the information families believe they need is either shared directly with their recently accepted student, or is not yet available or relevant. This creates a perception among families that Columbia is not sharing the information that they “need.” We will present a snapshot of how we collaborate with campus partners to reach these families and supply information using webinar technology. We will also demonstrate how the webinars allow us to connect with them in a way that contextualizes the campus partners’ roles as student resources and defines families’ roles as supportive referral agents.Using GoToWebinar and YouTube together, we encourage an appropriate relationship between families and their students as well as between families and Columbia with the goal of allowing students to become interdependent. Furthermore, we establish Family Engagement as a parent’s/family member’s primary resource.
Sue Jordan, Associate Director of Family Engagement, Columbia College | Columbia Engineering
Matthew Patashnick, Executive Director Family Engagement & Special Programs, Columbia College | Columbia Engineering

Elevating Parent & Family Engagement Through Campus Programming
The notion that parents and family members drop their student off at college and wait for them to return home for the holidays is no more.  Family members are important factors in a student’s college life and seek to be engaged in many different ways. Participants will learn how multiple departments at the University of Houston are collaborating to provide informative and engaging programming for parents and family members to experience college life along with their student.
Andrea Mitchen, Assistant Dean of Students, University of Houston
Joseph Ratcliff, Assistant Director, Prospective and New Student Programs, University of Houston

Building Bridges with Campus Partners to Encourage Positive Family Involvement
In the growing field of parent and family services and programs, many of our faculty and staff colleagues are unsure of what parent and family program professionals do, how we do it, or why we do it. Communicating with colleagues and sharing your story is a great way to develop powerful relationships that can benefit family members and create a supportive and welcoming environment.
Arie Gee, Assistant Director, University of Florida

Powerful Partnerships to Preeminence
Enhance family engagement and giving through collaborative membership programs. Explore how the University of Florida successfully merged two membership programs: the UF Alumni Association and Gator Parent and Family Member Association, to create a seamless experience for all families. This program will take participants from start to finish with what has become a campus point of pride including: assessing market capacity for merged membership, campus partner buy in and family membership prospect forecasting and operational execution of program.
Jaime Gresley, Associate Dean of Students, University of Florida
Arie Gee, Assistant Director, University of Florida

“A Glimpse of Student Life”
The presentation will discuss the strategies Orientation & Family Connections at NIU implemented to develop  “A Glimpse of Student Life” session.  I will share our innovative and collaborative approach that allowed us to present student life topics (campus, state, federal mandates) in a unique and engaging manner. I will outline to our campus partners, how we developed the presentation and assessment data to reflect the impact on parent/family members and students. This session will give practical steps to allow participants to return to their campuses and potentially implement a similar program. The presentation will focus on the philosophy behind and the data to support the development of an educational session presented at NIU’s orientation called, “A Glimpse of Student Life.” The interactive session provides an opportunity for new students and their families to learn about student life issues facing college students today.
Kesha Y. Williams, Associate Director for Orientation & Family Connections, Northern Illinois University

Assessment: As simple as ABC
The purpose of this program is to highlight the many different types of assessment that are possible—from a monthly poll to a full CAS review—and to show it can be painless for any parent/family program professional to conduct assessments and measure outcomes. Participants will leave with the tools and techniques to improve services, promote programs to the institution, and elevate engagement with parents and families.
Chelsea Petree, Ph.D., Director of Parent and Family Programs, Rochester Institute of Technology
Marjorie Savage, MBC, Education Specialist, Department of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota
Deanie Kepler, Ph.D., Director, Parent and Family Programs, Southern Methodist University

Families First- Supporting Underserved Families*
Supporting the families of our first generation students and students of color requires strategic efforts and, oftentimes, a different approach.  Explore examples of outreach and support based events, including leveraging valuable campus partnerships, crafting compelling messaging and understanding lessons learned. This session provides the opportunity to connect with colleagues to create and share ideas for supporting our underserved populations.
Meaghan Miller Thul, Director, Parent & Family Program, University of Minnesota

Counseling 101: Utilizing Foundational Counseling Skills and Techniques to Better Serve Parents and Families
Professionals who work with parent and families often come from diverse backgrounds in their education and prior work experience. So many of these professionals do not have formal counseling training, yet we all “counsel” parents, family members, and even students on a regular basis. This session will address five essential foundational counseling skills and techniques, and explain how professionals can practically apply these skills in their daily work with students. Learning Outcome: As a result of the session, attendees will be able to apply five essential foundational counseling skills and techniques to their interactions with students, parents, family members, and individuals on their campuses.
Lindsey Bray, Coordinator, Parent & Family Services, University of Memphis
M. Kyle Capstick, Graduate Assistant, Parent & Family Services, University of Memphis

Thinking Beyond Family Weekend: Engaging Families Year Round
Do you wanna build a Snowman......err…..Do you wanna build an event other than Family Weekend?  This is the program for you to learn about innovative, hands on, and practical experiences of effective events beyond Family Weekend! Presenters from 4 different institutions (Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Syracuse) will share a wide variety of effective ideas for proven events that engage families year round.
Glenn Gittings, Director - Special Programs and Parents Association, University of Louisville
Laci Weeden, Director Parent and Family Programs, Georgia Tech Institute of Technology
Jeff Brown, Associate Dean of Student and Director of New Student and Family Programs, Clemson University
Missy Mathis-Hanlon, Interim Director of Parents Office, Syracuse University

A Year’s Journey: Expanding Parent/Family Engagement
From parent-student orientation, to our signature program, Parent Academy, and beyond to family-friendly engagement opportunities, Cal State LA’s parent programs strive to elevate the experiences of our parent population, most of whom are People of Color and have not previously attended college. This session will detail a parent’s year long journey across our campus.
Christopher Johnson, Assistant Director, New Student and Parent Programs, CSU Los Angeles
Darlene Buxton, Parent Programs Coordinator, CSU Los Angeles

Parental Involvement and Student Academic Success: Faculty Experiences and Perspectives
Institutions of higher education now face structural and cultural challenges as to how to accommodate parental expectations for involvement within the context of privacy laws and the university’s need for improved retention and meeting financial obligations.  At the heart of this problem are our faculty charged with determining student academic progress.  Sharing the qualitative research outcomes of a doctoral research study, this presentation will highlight the experiences and perceptions college faculty at a private, religiously-affiliated, research institution have related to parent’s involvement in student academic progress.   Analytic themes related to faculty experiences and perceptions will be discussed and broad implications for practice offered to parent programming professionals working with faculty, parents and students.
Dr. Terri Garrett, Associate Director for Academic Initiatives, Baylor University
Leigh Ann Marshall, Assistant Director for Parents Network, Baylor University

Activating Parent and Family Members in Career Education
Parents and families involved in the University of Oregon Parent Professional Network (PPN) support UO students in exploring their passion, honing their career skills, and offering jobs and internships. We will discuss scalable and tangible ways for you to leverage parents’ professional experience at your own institution in order to transform students’ career readiness, bolster development efforts, and elevate their engagement to be career educators in the campus community.
Sarah Jester, Parent Professional Network Program Director, University of Oregon Career Center
Erika Swanson, Director of Parent Family Programs, University of Oregon

You Can't do it Alone - Collaborating to Elevate Parent Programs
In order to effectively reach parents and family members, parent programs departments must collaborate with a variety of other campus entities.  Parent programming offices collaborate with others to provide some of the most fundamental parent services, with 56% collaborating to provide Parent Orientation, 39% collaborating on Family Weekend, and 36% collaborating on move-in receptions (Savage & Petree, 2015).  This session will go beyond the typical parent programming office collaborations, focusing on unique partnerships forged by parent programs offices in order to elevate services to parents and family members at the presenters’ institutions.
Christine Self, Associate Director, Texas Tech University
Morgane Le Marchand, University of Texas
Leigh Ann Marshall, Baylor University
Kay Higgins, Texas Christian University

What They Want to Know: Designing and Delivering Engaging Communications for Parents
We all know that parents crave communication that can help them support their college student, but do we know which topics they truly want to learn more about and how they want to consume that communication? In this interactive, engaging session participants will learn what two different institutions did to find out what their parents wanted to know more about and to deliver customized content that keep their parents informed and connected.
Amy Baldwin, Director of University College, University of Central Arkansas
Penny Hatfield, Director of Advancement Communications, University of Central Arkansas
Brian Tietje, Vice Provost for International, Graduate, and Extended Education, California Polytechnic State University
Anthonia Edgren, Parent & Family Programs, al Poly San Luis Obispo

Elevating Engagement Strategy for Contemporary Parents
Penn State recently deployed the CampusESP Parent Portal, an online tool for connecting with parents and families, for all 10,000 incoming first-year parents at its main campus. Learn about what worked and what we would have done differently. We'll focus on roll-out strategies, parent content suggestions, building cross-campus partnerships, and meeting the needs of increasingly diverse parent and family populations.
Cyndy Hill, Director, Parents Program, Pennsylvania State University
Dave Becker, CEO Campus ESP

The Daily Deac: Using Blogging to Engage Parents
In 2009, Wake Forest University began a robust parent communications effort that centered around its Parents' Page and a parent-oriented blog, the Daily Deac. We theorized that if we could regularly keep Wake Forest in the hearts and minds of current parents, we would have a happier, more engaged parent constituency and they would be more likely to support Wake Forest financially when asked. In the five years since the Daily Deac's inception, Wake Forest has seen parent donor numbers grow by 58%, and there is a statistically significant relationship between Daily Deac readership and parent giving.  Learn how parent blogging could be used at your institution to engage your parent constituency for both 'friendraising' and 'fundraising.'
Betsy Chapman, Director of Family Communication and Volunteer Management, Wake Forest University

Elevating Family Engagement Through Student Affairs & Advancement Collaboration*
While many institutions focus predominately on the transition of its new students, the College of William & Mary has forged relationships between Student Affairs, the Alumni Association, and the Development Division to engage first-year families within the Tribe! Join us for a lively discussion as we share our triumphs and challenges bringing together these three unique, yet important facets of university life in an effort to comprehensively support and elevate the family transition - and ultimately the success of our students.
S. Mark Sikes, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Students/Director of Parent & Family Programs, College of William & Mary
Lauren Garrett, Director of First Year Experience, College of William & Mary

Insights from 2016 National Survey of Parents
This session will feature a detailed review of the national survey of college parents and compare it to a similar survey conducted in 2012 and 2014.  The purpose of the consumer survey is to provide insights into the understand the college parent experience and how that may contribute to or promote greater college completion.
John Fees, Board Member, College Parents of America

Maximizing the Leadership Pipeline: Elevating OL's into Family Ambassadors*
In early 2015 Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University consolidated to create the New KSU, and the office of Orientation, Transition and Family Programs was split up; Orientation and Transition Programs went to University College under Academic Affairs and Parent and Family Programs moved to the Dean of Students under Student Affairs. Looking for ways to continue collaboration between these offices, a new student leadership program was designed to provide orientation leaders and extended orientation leaders an advanced leadership position called Family Ambassadors to serve parents and families on orientation days, during Parent and Family Weekend, and during additional events and activities. In an attempt to provide parents and families more face time with students who can reflect their own children and whose experiences can resonate to provide increased engagement with the institution, the Family Ambassadors were recruited from past orientation and extended orientation leaders. 
Kathryn Wilhite, Coordinator, Parent and Family Programs, Kennesaw State University
Sharon Brownlow, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Kennesaw State University
Judy Barnes, Office Manager, Orientation and Transition Programs, Kennesaw State University

Multilingual Family Communications / Orientación en Español: Involving Families through Program Translation
New Student Conferences en Español is a program designed to enhance the experience of Spanish speaking family members of new students during their mandatory orientation an throughout their student’s collegiate experience.  The program seeks to meet the needs of Spanish speaking family members who currently attend programs while also welcoming new families who may perceive their limited English skills as a barrier to participation. This session will provide an overview of the NSCs en Español program implemented during Texas A&M’s mandatory orientation, other initiatives used to engage Spanish-speaking families, and discuss strategies for implementing a similar programming for family members. As more and more non-English-speaking families join our college and university communities, how do we ensure that they're engaged and informed? Translating each and every web-based, emailed, and printed message into a growing number of languages seems prohibitively expensive. But English-only messages often create confusion and stress for family members who can’t understand them. Learn how one small college has enlisted multilingual students to pilot a new approach.
Rob White, Director of Parent & Family Programs Williams College
Libby Daggers, Associate Coordinator Texas A&M University

Reimagining Parent & Family Orientation
Are you looking for a way to refresh and reenergize your Parent and Family Orientations at your university? Come learn about how the staff at Rutgers-New Brunswick restructured their Parent and Family Orientation program by focusing on how key messages were delivered. When we restructured our orientation program 2 years ago, we learned that delivery makes all the difference for a successful and effective Parent and Family orientation program. We were able to transform our parent/family orientation program with the introduction of panels, videos, special population programming and dedicated student staff for parents and family members. This change led to higher attendance rates and satisfactory ratings on assessments. We are excited to share tips about training, planning and implementation that will elevate your campus partner to a higher level!
Ashlea Coulter, Assistant Director, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Orientation 101: The Basics of Orientation and the involvement of Parents & Families*
Orientation programs are a necessary and vital way to begin the process of connecting new students to the campus community through the development of skills, communication of values and expectations and delivery of campus knowledge, history and traditions. Just as there are a variety of institutional types, there are a variety of ways to plan, organize, manage, implement and evaluate these critical programs. This session is sponsored by NODA-Association for Orientation, Transition and Retention in Higher Education and will provide an overview of and approaches to orientation programs and encompassing parents and families in the process.
Shawn Smee, Murray State University, NODA President
Joyce Holl, NODA Executive Director


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