First Day of Classes

Families love to take “first day of class” photos as their students navigate K-12. It is fun to continue the tradition even once your student is at college. The University of Kentucky shared the idea of “First Day of Class Pictures” with Georgia Tech Parent & Family Programs and it was implemented for the first time in Fall 2016. Several other campuses host this event as well. University of Louisville even made a cute video of the day.

Our approach:
1) We had student staff and student photographers work our booth all day and partnered with Amazon to give out prizes to encourage students to stop by our booth. We discovered not only did first-year students stop by to say cheese for Mom and Dad, but so did siblings, upperclassmen, even some graduate students. 
2) We took pictures with our camera and also the students' personal phones. 
3) We posted the pictures on our Parent & Family Programs Facebook page that evening.

Supplies needed:

  • Good location with landmark backdrop of campus
  • Several dry erase boards and markers
  • Inexpensive giveaways

Additional tips:

  • Create a Snapchat or other social filter in advance
  • Market to families to encourage their student to come take a picture
  • Have giveaways or food to make sure people stop by

Fun Quotes from the day:

“My Mom said I had to come by and get my picture taken for her.”

“I am having a great first day at college!"

“I am done with my last “first day of class” forever!” 

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