How to Encourage Student Independence and Problem-Solving

One of the toughest parts of working in parent/family relations is how to help families understand when NOT to get involved, and recognize that allowing their students to solve their own problems will help them develop independence and essential problem-solving skills.

We created a Stop, Drop, & Roll flyer that we incorporate into as many parent/family messages as we can. Over time, we have found that parents/family members of our upperclassmen will encourage our incoming families to use the Stop, Drop & Roll method with their students!


  • We refer to Stop, Drop, & Roll proactively (as opposed to bringing it to a family’s attention when we want to encourage them to back off).
  • It is embedded in our website in several places. We also put it on our Facebook and Twitter from time to time, include it in our e-newsletter, and other communications and spaces where it is appropriate. Repetition helps!
  • We make sure Stop, Drop & Roll is a prominent part of our Orientation materials for new families.
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