Active Minds: A Mental Health Resource for Students, Parents, Professionals, etc.

On our recent AHEPPP call, I was reminded of the importance of resources. Hopefully we have all been connecting with the resources on our campuses and those available remotely as well. One of the resources I was connected to early on by our Counseling and Psychological Services department in this crisis is the Active Minds website. There are not only articles that you can share, but there are also webinars that have been offered this week, including one today for "Young Adults, Parents, Remote Workers, Neighbors/Community Members" that might be of interest. You must sign up for the webinars, but they are free and you can sign up here.

In addition to the great webinars, there are blog posts particularly covering what is going on right now and relevant to parents. One of my favorite blog posts as of late is by Laura Susanne Yochelson entitled "Managing the Stress of Living at Home for College" which covers the transition students and families face by having students back home and families learning to live together. It is nice to read Laura's reflections on what she learned from her own experience when she had to make the transition of living at home after a mental health crisis. She suggests three things that are keys to success: reach out for support, create a balanced structure for yourself, and be mindful to others.

I hope that we are all finding resources to share in these trying times and if you are interested in writing about one or sharing it, please let me know!

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