2023 Conference Volunteers

Get the most out of your AHEPPP membership experience and volunteer to help with the 2023 Family Engagement in Higher Education National Conference! The conference success relies on a large number of colleagues to make it an impactful and rewarding experience for all. Whether you're able to assist pre-conference or want the opportunity to network more during the conference, we appreciate any and all volunteers! 

Volunteers are needed to serve in a variety of ways. Below you will find a general description of duties for each volunteer category:

Volunteer Position Volunteer Description
Check-in Volunteer Assist conference attendees with check-in, name tag and further conference instructions. Provide general directions to the conference, hotel service desk, and restrooms. Check-in is the first point of contact with conference attendees.
Pre-Conference Workshop Volunteer Duties will include: assist with set-up, greet attendees, hand out materials, assist faculty with any needs during the workshop, assist with clean-up.
Hospitality Suite Volunteer Mix and mingle with attendees enjoying the hospitality suite. Help build connections between attendees. Provide basic directions to conference rooms, hotel service desk and restrooms. Have a good understanding of the conference schedule to assist an attendee if needed.
Excursion Leaders Volunteer Lead local excursions for conference attendees. Excursion schedule and locations will be provided.
Opening Session, Awards Session and Closing Session Volunteer Audience members will ask questions during a portion of the session. We ask that volunteers be stationed on either side of the room to assist with audience questions. This may entail keeping a queue of questions and operating a handheld mic.
Educational Session Volunteer Arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the session to connect with presenters. Open the session by introducing yourself, the presenter(s), and the topic of the session. During the session, communicate technology needs and assist with Q&A.


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