2024 AHEPPP Conference Chair Information & Application

Having a strong, creative, and dedicated Conference Chair is essential to the success of our annual conference. The Board of Directors invite AHEPPP members to apply for this position. 

The Conference Chair will serve from November 2023 through December 2024. Preference for the Conference Chair will be given to an individual who has previously served on an AHEPPP Conference team and attended an in-person Family Engagement in Higher Education National Conference. The Conference Chair position requires an average of 5 hours per week.The AHEPPP 2024 Conference Chair is required to attend the National Conference. Conference location and date will be announced at a later date.

Application Materials

  • All applicants must submit a signed letter from their supervisor certifying institutional support to attend the 2024 national conference. Institutional support includes travel costs (airfare, registration fees, hotel, ground transportation, meals and lodging).
  • Applicants must submit a current resume/vitae.
  • Applicants must submit a short-answer reply to the following prompt: Why you would like to serve as 2024 Family Engagement in Higher Education Conference Chair? Outline the skills and experiences you have that will contribute to leading the planning committee. Also, please share specific ideas or suggestions you have for the 2024 conference. Limit to 500 words.

Description & Responsibilities
The AHEPPP Conference Team Chair:

  • is a primary role on the conference committee leadership team that includes the AHEPPP Executive Director and reports directly to the AHEPPP Board of Directors.
  • participates and observes in the AHEPPP 2023 Family Engagement in Higher Education National Conference to gather information in preparation for planning the AHEPPP 2024 national conference.
  • partners with the Board of Directors to establish a conference theme and design; including the technical, operational and digital footprint for the conference.
    • conducts a spring 2024 site visit (dates TBD) with AHEPPP staff (expenses paid by AHEPPP);
    • develops a general conference schedule and identifies timing for signature events (i.e. opening event(s), keynote/welcome, awards dinner, number of sessions per time block, etc.)
  • oversees the administrative and logistical management of the conference by
    • collaborating to develop a master conference timeline integrating detailed timelines submitted by area chairs/co-chairs;
    • preparing agendas, task lists and facilitating all conference planning meetings;
    • working collaboratively with the conference planning team to refine and implement conference vision and goals, and ensure area chairs/co-chairs adhere to the conference budget and timelines;
    • in partnership with the Board of Directors, organize the process to search for and select the conference keynote speaker.
  • actively supports sub-committees and co-chairs for maximized engagement and participation.
  • acts as the Master of Ceremonies for the AHEPPP 2024 Conference.
  • prepares and submits a conference final report (executive summary) as directed to document decisions, activities, results of new programs and recommendations of importance to the incoming Conference Team, 2025 Chair, and the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions before applying, please contact Jennifer Wood, Executive Director, or Kayla Albano, 2023 Conference Chair.

Applications are due by October 20, 2023.

Please click here to apply.