Be an AHEPPP Mentor

Since 2016, AHEPPP’s Mentoring Program has connected new and seasoned professionals to promote an environment of guidance, support, and resource sharing among our members. As we approach the five-year mark, the Board of Directors has reviewed and improved this already successful program. Moving forward, AHEPPP Mentors will be asked to help drive these changes and further elevate the Mentoring Program to a place that will cultivate mentorship as a foundation within the AHEPPP culture. 

What’s new for participants? 

  • Established Mentor Cohort to support Mentor efforts

  • Enhanced training materials and resources

  • Wider window for members to opt-in*

  • Mentor-focused development 

  • Additional opportunities for Mentor/Mentee connection

  • Updated monthly discussion prompts that include a topic related to a timely topic, a topic related to professional development, and a personal ice breaker/get-to-know-you prompt

*open-enrollment for mentees will be held annually in the fall

What is a Mentor Cohort?

The new Mentor Cohort is designed to provide a network of participating AHEPPP Mentors who collaborate on concepts, resources and activities that emphasize the Mentor Program. Cohorts will offer Mentors a community of seasoned professionals working together to further evolve as mentors and leaders in higher education. Individuals will demonstrate a personal interest in the mentor relationship, act as a knowledgeable resource willing to share and learn with a positive attitude and be committed to the development of rising leaders in parent programs. Mentors will serve as the liaison between AHEPPP leadership to assist with identifying trends, resources and Mentor-Mentee planning efforts. Mentors are required to attend a Mentor training at the beginning of each cycle to provide introductions and build their individual cohort design. Cohorts will meet quarterly. 

What’s not changing?

  • Members can still participate as both a mentor and a mentee

  • One year commitment to the role

  • Expectation for pairs to connect monthly

  • Opportunities for career development and planning

What are the expectations of AHEPPP Mentors?

  • At least 5 years of experience in the field of Parent/Family Relations

  • Required attendance at Mentor training held at the beginning of each cycle

  • Quarterly Mentor Cohort meetings

  • Monthly connection with your mentee in the form of a phone call, email, or other mode of outreach

  • Share articles, resources and conferences that may be of interest for your mentee and mentor cohort

We understand that some pairings will connect quickly and that some pairings will take time to build the relationship. One of the goals for establishing a mentor cohort is to help mentors share resources and identify issues to better provide support for mentees; mentors will also be tasked with helping leadership further develop this already successful program. 

What is a mentor?

A mentor positively supports and encourages professional development and growth. Acting as a resource, they are a trusted advisor that a mentee is able to turn to with questions and concerns. Both mentors and mentees, dedicated to the partnership, will experience personal and professional growth as they navigate the ins and outs of the AHEPPP organization, parents and family programming and Higher Education. 

What is a mentee?

A mentee is a professional that has a desire to broaden their professional development in their field of parent and family programming.  Mentees also have a willingness to be advised, trained and counseled by a mentor.  Mentees can be new and current members of the Association. 

We are currently recruiting for AHEPPP Mentors - apply now! Mentee applications will be available later this fall.