AHEPPP Insights is a space to connect on all things related to parents & families of college students and how to best serve them as campus administrations, faculty and practitioners. 

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We know you have great practices—and we want to hear about them! AHEPPP Insights is a place for parent/family professionals to share their favorite programs and get new ideas for their own institutions. Join in the sharing and conversation and make your program the best it can be!

We want to learn about your:

  • Favorite Family Weekend/Orientation event
  • Best ways to communicate with your parents
  • Favorite parent swag
  • How you include siblings in your programming
  • How you work with special populations
  • Successful campus collaborations
  • And more!

You blog submission should include:

  • A brief description of your program—no more than one page
  • A Tips section to highlight how other institutions can adapt your program
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